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 War Eagle 750 Gladiator vs Havoc MSTC 
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Post War Eagle 750 Gladiator vs Havoc MSTC
I bought a 750 gladiator with a GTR 40xd back in March. It had been used for one season, I knew the person who had it and got a good deal. After using it this season I am thinking of switching to a different hull. I am keeping the motor since its only at 30 hrs and I know how it was taken care of before I bought it.

FIrst off, this was my first surface drive/duck boat. My biggest complaint with the gladiator is the layout and storage. The only storage is the gun box and a small compartment in the front that is only access by a tiny door. The front 2' of the boat is useless because of the duck bill/ mid deck. I am not a fan of the batttery/ gas tank setup. The 2 pods in the back are huge but offer no storage. And the switch panel is down by the floor where you can't see it when you're trying to use it, and it can be easily hit leaving something on.

So with this in mind and being in a good financial position to get a different boat, I started looking. I really like the layout of the MSTC. All the compartments are great. I like the layout in the back and front of the boat and the switch panel is in a much better place. The price is also just right for my situation and would not like to spend any more.

So I like the layout but what about the hull performance? So I use the boat in 3 different ways.

1. On Managed public land that have artificial flooded leveed "pools" with smartweed/crops/willows and tilled ground making open areas. The best boat for these would probably be flat bottom and least draft as possible as really only suppose to use the boats in a no wake manner. And outside of the deeper boat lanes on the edges of the pool, can be less then a foot deep depending on water situation.

2. windy small rivers 50 yards or so wide that could be out of the banks. We run these to get to other wetlands. Safety and turning ability would be key here. I am not running really fast through any trees like they do in arkansas, but may putt along through some timber when the river is out.

3.Fishing. Usually in lakes around the area from big to small. Not planning on hitting any very rough water.

I'm not particular "hard" on things, I like to take care of stuff and have it last. I won't be jumping alot of stumps or anything like that. The war eagle, with my little experience, seams to turn fairly well but also have had it start to slide multiple times when running mentioned small river. Obviously slowing down corrects this, but would feel alot more comfortable with something that had more control. Speed is the least of my concern. The war eagle goes fast enough for my experience.

With the 8 degree hull on the havoc and from what I have read it would seem like it would handle and turn better, but draft a little more? But what is a little more? an inch or 2? If thats the case I don't care. I was also thinking something like gator glide would really help in situation #1 where we are going through brush and weeds at low speeds in shallow water. Durability wise I dont see a problem, the war eagle is only a .100 ga hull like the havoc and the havoc probably has the advantage with the I beam bracing. Would the inverted keels help in my situation #1 compared to the standard crimp bottom on the war eagle?

I would love to here your guys opinions given all this information. Maybe there is a way better hull I should look at? Thanks everyone.

Mon Jan 30, 2023 11:51 pm
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