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Looking for an audience that just loves to hunt & fish? You've found the right place! is the Premier Spot for Mudmotor Enthusiasts on the internet. MMT is the only website forum dedicated exclusively to mudmotor enthusiasts and we're growing everyday. The word is spreading like wildfire about us and now we're offering advertisers a great opportunity to put their products and services in front of our audience. Our users are current mudmotor owners and future ones who want to know more about the different brands available. All these people use these motors for one main reason, to hunt & fish!

We have your target audience right here, this is your chance to show them what you have to offer, and they're ready to spend money on hunting and fishing products and you could be the beneficiary of that spending. With our banner ad programs, you will have access to real time stats on how your advertising is doing.

Please note that MMT does not sell ads to mudmotor manufacturers.
We do this as a way to keep the site non-bias. Our users come to MMT to find honest opinions of the different mudmotor brands on the market and have come to trust MMT as a place to get the non-bias advice they are looking for. Mudmotor dealers however can participate. Take a look at the advertising opportunities below and get started with your advertising on the best site on the planet!


Rotating Banner Ads

Our rotating banner ads give clients an affordable way to get their products and services in front of our audience. Banners are setup on an equal rotating basis, meaning your banner will have the same chance to be seen as any other. We only allow one rotating banner ad set per page, giving you limited competition and faster load times for our users. Our banners are sold by the forum. You choose the forum you want your banner to appear in. You can also choose to be in multiple forums for an additional fee per forum. In addition to the forum you choose, your banner will also showup in the view new threads area as well as on the main sponsors page so you get three areas of exposure for your advertising dollars.

Rotating Banner Ad Rates:

Individual Forums . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $500.00 per year for one forum
(You choose the forum you wish to be in)
Additional Forums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$100.00 per year each additional forum

Don't have a banner? We can design one for you for $80.00 when you purchase a banner ad with us. If you need a animated banner (flash) we can do that too for $180.00.


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Advertising Fees Paid to MMT
Fees paid for advertising programs are sold on a yearly basis and are non-refundable once the program has been started. MMT reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. MMT also reserves the right to cancel any advertiser it deems a problem to it's members (i.e. too many customer complaints etc).

Privacy Policy
MMT respects the privacy of others just as we would expect from any website. We will not give out any private information like email addresses, phone numbers etc., of any user of our website to anyone.

Spam Policy - General Info
MMT hates spam as much as you do. Our users hate it as well. That's why we do not allow spamming on MMT, or using MMT as a means to spam other users.

Spam Policy - Advertisers
Paying advertisers are welcomed to make posts about their products and services. We ask that advertisers refrain from sending unsolicited PM's or emails to our users. If a user inquires about your company, you may respond to the user via PM or email.

Spam Policy - Signatures (Links, Company Names & Ads)
Only paying advertisers are allowed to have company names, website links, email links or any other reference to their companies in their signatures. Any non-paying user placing any reference to a company will have their signature deleted.

Spam Policy - PM's & Emails
MMT does not allow users to use PM's and emails to send unsolicited advertising. Paid advertisers are allowed to use PM's & emails to respond to users who inquire about their products & services. Any non-paying users found sending unsolicited PM's and emails to our users will be warned, if it continues, they will be banned.

MMT reserves the right to refuse service to any person(s) or company.

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